Our Staff Team is led by our Educational Leader Deb Maillard. Our teachers are Deb Maillard, Doralyn Chandel and Amy Vu and our supporting educators are Leanne Wilkinson, Shayanika De Saram, Nancy Giannetti, and Connie Draxler, Luisa Giannetti.  It is the goal of the Heritage Preschool Staff to provide a happy, productive and fun learning environment for your child. Our staff all have very different backgrounds of experience and knowledge from Australia and abroad. We work together, as a team, to create the best learning experience for your child.

In 2023 Heritage Preschool will have a dedicated staff team ready and waiting to work with your child. All our staff members have different backgrounds of experience.  Our staff speak Dari, Italian, Vietnamese, and Sinhala.

This provides a wealth of ideas and knowledge that is available to benefit your child. Our staff are committed to providing the highest possible standard of education for your child.

Wombat Group
Four-Year-Old Preschool
Debbie Maillard Luisa Giannetti
Leanne Wilkinson
Kookaburra Group
Three & Four Year Old
Amy Vu Leanne Wilkinson
Penguin Group
Four Year Old
Doralyn Chandel Shayanika De Saram
Connie Draxler
Three-Year-Old Preschool
Amy Vu
Doralyn Chandel
Nancy Giannetti
Leanne Wilkinson
Heritage Preschool Staff